Since ‘Sucker’ was released by the Jonas Brothers I have listened to this everyday – its got a great beat, it makes me want to move and I just fell in love with the lyrics.  When I fall for songs like this, I start manipulating them for fun and see if I can completely turn them on their head.   This time I thought I would cement my version, take a risk and release it.

This version is not a straight cover – you should expect something different.  Its simple, sultry and I hope you enjoy.

Bongmoth – 1.618

I have confirmed rumours that the follow up to 1.618 is indeed in the works.  It’s amazing to have had the recorder used on this album and I count myself lucky to have been involved.

The musicians that are Bongmoth are nothing short of incredible and I cannot wait to hear the next installment.

To really appreciate 1.618, don’t just listen to the tracks I’ve featured, follow the link and listen to the whole album – it’s ‘one monumental song’.

Read the full review from Feedback Metal.


A place that knows no boundary; welcome to Limbo.

Limbo is a perception altered journey of an old lady living in her manor; her mind escaping her as she tries to grasp ‘what is real?’, she reminisces on her past, her loved and her lost.  Struggling to differ from a dream, she finds help in the form of a butterfly.  Her goal is to be free from madness.