An intoxicating & exciting mix up adventure of your favourite tunes.  Take a few tracks, smash them together with a creative twist and hear songs in ways you never expected.

‘SMASH IT UP’ with Kara for an incredible live show that you can’t afford to miss!

A ‘mash up’ is a technique which involves the blending of two or more pre-recorded songs, where we overlay the vocal tracks of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another.  There are thousands of ‘mash ups’ that have been created by DJ’s and music producers.

This show takes the ‘mash up’ to another level – a Smash up!!!!!

Using well known iconic songs that people know and love from artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Adele and The Eurythmics and smooshing them together with more recent artists such a Billie Eilish, Tones & I and Dua Lipa, just to name a few, these songs have been re-created beyond the typical ‘mash up’.

‘Smash It Up’ is an incredible live performance experience that highlights the level of musicianship and creativity that these electrifying performers can bring.

It’s Sexy!  It’s Exciting! and it’s all kinds of Fun!!!  What to expect???  The unexpected!

Producer: Julie Sharpe
Music Producer: Kara Ciezki & Christopher Wiseman
Lighting: After Dark Theatre
Images & Artwork: Anthony Sharpe

‘A sultry, saucy singer’ – DANCE LIFE

‘Kara Ciezki is without fault’ – THEATRE PEOPLE

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